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EasyHits4U Free Website Traffic

Driving traffic to a website is a vital factor which determines the success of the site. EasyHits4U is yet another platform which facilitates traffic exchange. The website also provides an income-generating program which allows the members to earn money by assisting with traffic generation to various websites.

If you’re looking to try some easy online money-making programs or looking to receive more traffic to your website(s) then this EasyHits4U review will help you to decide whether you should join this program or not. You might have tried similar offers before and some of them might have turned out to be nothing but a scam.

In this review, I’ll explain the important functions and aspects of this popular traffic exchange website to help you decide if EasyHits4U is a scam or legitimate and that how much you could earn if it is a legitimate offer.

What Is EasyHits4U?

The EasyHits4U website homepage is full of various statistics including featuring live updates about the total number of members, total visits delivered, and visit delivered the previous day. EasyHits4U primarily facilitates websites through traffic exchange. This is the website which allows you to advertise text ads, banners, and links.

There are two types of services, Free and Paid. Obviously, if you want significant traffic to be sent towards your website you’ll likely need to opt for the paid services. Whatever you post (banners, ads, links) is then shared with other members. What happens is that your ads are visible to hundreds of users and similarly you receive ads from other users’ websites – hence the name, “traffic exchange”.

Free EasyHits4U Membership

You don’t have to pay anything for this service but you need to keep in mind that you’ll have to invest some time to benefit from this option. If you don’t bother viewing other’s ads, you can’t expect traffic to be sent to your own website. Viewing ads from other users will accumulate credits to your account.

You can spend this credit to post your ads on EasyHits4U. It means that you can’t post your website’s ads unless you have accumulated some credit by viewing ads from other websites. This is 1:1 process which means that if you view 100 ads from other websites, EasyHits4U will exchange 100 views for your ads.

Paid EasyHits4U Membership Plan

The paid membership plans feature Premium Membership and Ultimate membership. With a paid membership, you don’t have to view ads from other websites, instead, you can directly purchase the credit to post your ads. It saves a lot of time and makes things easier for you to promote your own website without having to spend time to earn credits.

  • Premium Membership

The Premium Membership facilitates you with a bonus of 2500 credits when you signup. Then the additional monthly bonus is awarded with 500 credits. Paying for the Premium Membership awards you with 2,000 banner impressions and 2500 text impressions. It means that 2000 viewers will watch your banners and 2500 will view your text ad.

  • Ultimate Membership

The Ultimate Membership awards you with 5000 credits as signup bonus and 1000 credits as a monthly bonus. The package benefits your account with banner impressions and text ad impressions, 5000 each.

How Does EasyHits4U Work?

There are some rules which you need to follow to make your views count. When you click on an advertisement you’re required to wait for at least 20 seconds before you can close it. Secondly, you’ll have to read and type in the captcha code to let the system ensure that you aren’t a robot or software.

The good news though is that everything seems fair and fine as I don’t really see any way to trick this whole ad viewing practice.

In addition to the different membership plans, EasyHits4U also features some marketing tools. The positive with this is that you can access these tools even as a Free Member. These tools make things easier for you to select various attributes for your ad viewers, for instance, Geo-targeting which lets you determine the region from which your ad viewers should belong to.

Then there is a referral program which provides some additional icing on the cake. Each successful referral will earn you a certain percentage from the earnings of the people whom you bring in to the website. If you’re a free member, you’ll earn 5% of the total earnings accrued by each person you bring in.

Having Premium membership lifts this percentage to 15%… And if that’s still not enough you can opt for the Ultimate membership instead which offers an even higher 20% commission.

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