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Guinness Sounds of Greatness ignites downtown

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Fisheries Car Park, downtown Kingston, played host to the much-anticipated Guinness Sounds of Greatness (GSOG) on Friday.

A staggering crowd of over 6,000 witnessed the onstage performances of raw talent unfold.

Judges DJ Colin Hinds, DJ Kurt Riley, DJ Ricky Trooper, Keith Walford from Bass Odyssey, and DJ Banka attentively presided.

Dynamq Sound making an awe-inspiring appearance from South Sudan, Africa, clad in a traditional dashiki. Meanwhile, Warrior Sound, hailing from Germany, donned a simple white T-shirt and a black cap. The clash between Dynamq Sound and Warrior Sound took three electrifying rounds, culminating in a powerful statement from Warrior Sound.

DJ Kurt Riley, for his part, said: "Don't be fooled by the rumours that dancehall is on the decline. My heart is racing as I bear witness to the magic tonight. Upcoming selectors, listen attentively and learn from this extraordinary display of talent."

The stage was set for DJ Jah Jah Blacks and DJ Juggling Masters, who openly expressed their profound love for dancehall music. Both artistes rallied the crowd, urging them to chase their dreams.

As the clash intensified, DJ Juggling Masters made sure to represent the next generation of DJs, pulling from the latest hits, like Teejay's 2023 hit Drift, and emerged triumphant by playing a dubplate with Masicka's They Don't Know.

The evening's excitement boiled over asMalie Donn graced the stage with his electrifying rendition of the chart-topping hit Bank. However, the arrival of Skeng Donn, accompanied by his entourage, sent spectators wild as he unleashed a commanding set. From the infectious beats of London to the irresistible allure of Talibahn, the crowd surrendered to Skeng's magnetic presence and energy. Skeng was later joined by Laa Lee and the awe-inspiring iFlame dance group.

After a night of fierce competition, Warrior Sound from Germany and DJ Juggling Masters emerged as victors, claiming the $1.5 million in cash and prizes, along with mentorship from Keith Walford of Bass Oydyssey himself.

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