IPRoyal Review - Is IP Royal Pawns Worth It? Passive Income In 2021

In today's video, I'm taking a closer look at IPRoyal Pawns, an app that allows you to make money online by sharing parts of your internet bandwidth. IPRoyal Pawns pays you $2 per 10GB of data shared, so you can make money from home simply by running the IPRoyal Pawns app on your Windows computer.

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IPRoyal works similar to HoneyGain and PacketStream, and while none of these apps will make you rich, all three of them can run simultaneously and earn you a few extra dollars with zero effort, making them the probably best passive income apps in 2021 you can run. IPRoyal does not require any kind of technical knowledge, and you don't have to keep your computer running 24/7 to make money online with IPRoyal.

Simply make sure that the IPRoyal app is running whenever you are using your computer to become part of the IPRoyal network and make money whenever one of IPRoyal's paying customers is looking for proxy servers in your region. In my opinion, running PacketStream, HoneyGain, and IPRoyal on your computer is a no-brainer because it's the closest thing to free money and the easiest way to make money online without real effort in 2021.

While IPRoyal does not provide any official information about the average income per user, we know from HoneyGain that their users earn between roughly $110 and $150 on average per year and it's likely that the amount of money you can make online by running IPRoyal is going to be in a similar range or even more considering that IPRoyal pays you twice as much ($2 per 10GB) in comparison to HoneyGain and PacketStream ($1 per 10GB). Combined those three apps have the potential to make you an additional $300+ per year without any effort.

Now, obviously, that's considering how much money the average user makes per year, so your earnings may vary, and depending on the number of users and the demand for traffic in your area you may either make more money or less than that. In any case, no matter how much (or little) money you make online with PacketStream, HoneyGain, and/or IPRoyal, since it doesn't require any effort and IPRoyal minimum payout is only $1 this is definitely a "make money online" opportunity you don't want to miss. IPRoyal currently allows you to make money on Windows. Unlike HoneyGain, they do NOT have a mobile Android or iOS application at the moment.