CryptoTab Browser Review | Earn FREE Bitcoin (I Made $995)

Updated: 3 days ago

Does CryptoTab Browser pay in 2021, is it legit, and if yes, is it actually worth the effort? Download CryptoTab Browser for FREE 👉 HERE In today's video, I'm going to take a closer look at CryptoTab Browser and answer the following questions:

1. Is CryptoTab Browser legit?

2. Do CryptoTab Pay?

3. Does CryptoTab have a future? Besides that, I'm also sharing with you the CryptoTab Browser download which you can find at 👉 HERE

CryptoTab Browser is a variation of Google Chrome and, therefore, CryptoTab Browser supports all the features that your regular Google Chrome browser supports as well. In addition to the CryptoTab Browser version for Windows and macOS, there is also a Chromium-based version of CryptoTab Browser for your iOS and Android mobile devices. The only difference between CryptoTab Browser and your regular Google Chrome browser is that the CryptoTab browser comes with preinstalled extensions and features that allow you to use CryptoTab Browser to mine Bitcoin on your computer or smartphone. Unfortunately, mining Bitcoin with your CPU isn't profitable anymore, so mining alone won't actually make you money, but will simply increase your electricity bill in exchange for the fraction of a Bitcoin. CryptoTab Browser tries to change that by introducing the CryptoTab affiliate program which rewards you for spreading the word about CryptoTab by paying you a percentage of the earnings of everyone that you referred to CryptoTab for up to 10 levels. The CryptoTab affiliate program makes CryptoTab a great opportunity for people that have a huge social following or similar way to promote CryptoTab to new users.

Although, one has to consider that every user that is unable to refer a few additional users, will not make a profit by mining Bitcoin with CryptoTab just by himself. Overall, while CryptoTab Browser is 100% legitimate and doesn't require any kind of investment, it still appears to be something that won't be sustainable for very long, considering the rising difficulty in mining Bitcoind, combined with the fact, that mining Bitcoin on your computer with CryptoTab Browser right now is already NOT profitable unless you are able to invite a lot of new users to CryptoTab. Download CryptoTab Browser 👉​ CryptoTab Browser seems to be something that would have been amazing to have a couple of years ago when mining Bitcoin on your computers CPU was still profitable. Nowadays, CryptoTab Browser may be worth testing and considering that it's no different from your regular Google Chrome may be a nice way to mine Bitcoin on occasion, but overall CryptoTab Browser only becomes profitable when you are able to build a huge affiliate downline in the CryptoTab affiliate program.

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